Love for Herbs

Posted by Joanna Feild on

Say it with me HERBS! Oh that word is encompasses so much! I feel them calling us back to the fields. People have been using herbs since the beginning of time, when they intuitively knew their benefits people knew because back then they were connected with nature. You too can start your journey back to nature by cutting out all the toxic chemicals from your home and start using plants as your go-to allies in times of need!

I’m so excited to share my love for nature and herbs with all of you. The purpose of this space is to teach, share and learn with everyone more about herbs. I want you to know that you can use herbs as a complement to help you feel better, to soothe your body in times of illness, to support your chronic pains, to aid your aging process, to make your heart smile again (yes! Herbs can do that!)

Let’s begin by learning a little bit about me and my personal story with herbs. I am from Peru, in my country we use herbs every day, not just for cooking but there are herbalists in every single market. I lived across the street from the market and I was around fruits, vegetables and people who knew how to use herbs. There is a drink that people know helps with digestion we call it Emoliente – it’s made with demulcent herbs, herbs that are mucilaginous in consistency, when we would drink this, it was so thick and gooey that we had to down the whole glass because it couldn’t be broken up. 

My wise mother didn’t believe in western medicine even though she grew up in the city of Lima, her family was from Cajamarca in the mountains of Peru, they didn’t have access to western medicine so her family trusted native people to help them heal their young. My mom would go to the women in the market and tell them about what ailment we had and the women gave her herbs to heal us from bronchitis, colds, stomach bugs etc. My mom would try the western medicine but it didn’t heal us, we would continue to stay with the symptoms after the medicine finished, once she used the traditional recipes from the herbalists at the markets we were healed for good.

Herbs are magical, they have so many benefits for our bodies sometimes it’s hard to pick an herb because it simultaneously will benefit your body in other ways too. Unlike medication that only treats symptoms, herbs heal our whole bodies. Just a simple example from our yard, this little plant called Plantain (Yanten in Spanish) if you use this herb in tea, it will soothe your tummy, if you chew it up and put it on skin it will heal your bites, cuts, scrapes. It’s cooling, soothing, anti-microbial, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory and mucilaginous.

As a young girl this was my way of life, I thought nothing of herbs, or plants and wasn’t particularly connected to them as I grew up in a city surrounded by brick and high walls. It was life the wisest teacher that brought me back and closer to plants and it all started with a book I read which impacted my life and brought me closer to nature. This book is Anastasia written by Vladimir Megre. I have to say that after I read those books my life started to change in ways I had not expected, nor planned for.

 The products I’m making are all organic brewed with love and lots of sunshine since I live in sunshine state! I am a mother of a beautiful little boy, I work and live on an acre and half where we are creating a beautiful space with many fruit trees, as we are passionate about growing our own food, being sustainable and we have the perfect weather for us to grow tropical fruits. I’m also growing herbs, it’s a little challenge because some herbs like the cooler night temperatures, but I’m having some success. I hope you join me on this journey and with me learn more about the beautiful plants that were put here for us to heal, enjoy and re-connect back to our pristine origins.